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Lawyers convinced the LAPD to allow Simpson to turn himself in at 11 am on June 17, 1994[16]:87 even though the double murder charge meant no bail and a possible death penalty verdict if convicted.[17] Over 1,000 reporters waited for Simpson at the police station, but he failed to appear. At 2 pm, the Los Angeles Police Department issued an all-points bulletin. At 5 pm Robert Kardashian, a Simpson friend and one of his defense lawyers, read a rambling letter by Simpson to the media.[18]:22 In the letter Simpson sent greetings to 24 friends and wrote, "First everyone understand I had nothing to do with Nicole's murder ... Don't feel sorry for me. I've had a great life."[18]:22[16]:87[19] To many, this sounded like a suicide note, and the reporters joined the search for Simpson. According to Simpson lawyer Robert Shapiro, also present at Kardashian's press conference, Simpson's psychiatrists agreed with the suicide note interpretation; on television the attorney appealed to Simpson to surrender.[20] At around 6:20 pm, a motorist in Orange County saw Simpson riding in his white Bronco, driven by his friend, A. C. Cowlings, and notified police. The police then tracked calls placed from Simpson on his cellular telephone. At 6:45 pm, a police officer saw the Bronco, going north on Interstate 405. When the officer approached the Bronco with sirens blaring, Cowlings yelled that Simpson was in the back seat of the vehicle and had a gun to his own head.[20] The officer backed off, but followed the vehicle[16]:87–88 at 35 miles per hour (56 km/h),[21] with up to 20 police cars participating in the chase.[22] For some time a Los Angeles News Service helicopter piloted by Bob Tur and contracted by KCBS had exclusive coverage,[16]:88 but over 20 helicopters joined the chase; the high degree of media participation caused camera signals to appear on incorrect television

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