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Keyona Parker Ms. Osnoe English 2 honors March 12, 2013 Annotated bibliography “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”. Season 1: episode 2. Tlc. November 5th 2013. YouTube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wYpqP57IZsY. This YouTube video displays the Television series “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”. I am not particularly a fan of this show; although many of my friends are. The first episode is somewhat of an introduction to the Honey Boo Boo family. Alana’s (Honey Boo Boo’s) family includes these people: her mother June, her father Mike, and three older sisters. Alana’s show starts in the Second episode, and the first sound you hear is a pig squeal. As it turns out Alana lost a beauty pageant so her parents bought her a pig. Her family seems to be very humorous which I am sure adds to their appeal. America seems to love her show very much; so much that they would indirectly pay her thousands of dollars in cash. I hope this is not what television is coming to. “Life at the Manor/ Welcome to Myrtle Manor”. Trailer. Tlc. February 27th 2013. You tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iTB5W-w5Io. They’re multiplying at an exceptionally fast rate. “Welcome to Myrtle Manor” is another show on TLC That is remarkably similar to the beloved show “Here comes Honey Boo Boo”. At the beginning of this Trailer for a show about a Trailer park, the narrators niece Becky seems to be the one in charge. Becky appears rides around on a golf cart with a bull horn yelling, “Welcome to Myrtle Manor.” I am sure that she is only doing it for “Television” purposes. I am quit sure she does not do this type of thing all the time. In the beginning of the trailor Becky stated “my goal is the best trailer park in the world”; I see nothing wrong with that it’s always important to have goals. Seidl, Jonathan M. “Is SpongeBob Making Your Kids Dumber”? The Blaze. September 12th 2011. March 11th

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