Oil Change Essay

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Wooten 1 A.J. Wooten Dr. Neill-Browning Eng 0123 HD April 27, 2011 Different Display of Parental Affection In today’s society children get shown different affection by their parents. My Mom and Dad, spend a lot of time with me, but show different affection. It’s like night and day the way my parents are. It is a good thing because, I get shown different ways on how to act. It is vital to learn what your Mom and Dad teaches you when were young. The reason for my parents being different will help me in the society. Having different affection show will make you who you are today. First of all, my parent’s disciplined me when I was young, but did it different. My Mom was always the one getting mad and not doing anything. She would sit me down and tell me not to do it, or ill be grounded. My dad, however was the one to over react and whip me. He told me to thing about the next time I get in trouble, or it will be worse next time. So as I got older I was disciplined many ways. That is the way my parents disciplined me when I was young. Secondly, my parent’s can cook very well, however it is a different type of cooking. My Mom would be the one baking, or cooking on the stove. It is very good because I love my Mom’s cooking. My Dad; however does all the grilling and the cooking outside. He showed me every thing I needed to know on how to be a good griller. It is a different type of cooking in which I need to know later on in life. It is good to have Wooten 2 Parent’s to show the different cooking styles to be a good cook. That is the different kind of affection my Mom and Dad shown have shown me. Finally, my parents spent a lot of time with me, but is a very different type of time. My mom would always take me shopping and get my haircut. She would also help me do my homework and show me how to clean. My dad; However would be the one to take me hunting,

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