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Creative Intelligence and Leadership Benjamin Mcrae, Tiffany Watson, Lavoris Harris, Jonathan Liggins OI/361 07/09/15 Mr. Michael Zervos Summary: Jonathan The BLT&J incorporated manager’s backgrounds are different. The four managers, stock holders and owners that we have on our staff have the skills from different jobs. Together makes our organization strong. In our creative potential profile show that we all have different leadership styles. We have two managers that have technical skills and knowledge in information technology and forensic science technology. We also have two managers that have logistic and educational training & counseling skills. This unique combination of knowledge and skill set helped us develop a great organization. Although we have different occupational backgrounds, we have common interest in getting the job done with a can-do attitude. This comes from our military training and persistence. Lavoris After reviewing all of our answers on the creative potential profile I think our thoughts and answers were formulated our life experiences. Everyone has qualities and goals. We also have things that we can improve on. We all come from different back grounds but clearly want have some of the same goals. Life is about getting better and making everyone around you better. Using what we’ve learned to help others achieve their own goals. To be successful or to make things better I think we all have to be creative. Just think about the world today as it is. If you put out a product someone is always looking to make your product better. A lot of the time people are looking to improve on an idea that already exist. I think that is what the creative potential profile does for us. We measure ourselves while thinking where we currently are and what we can work on to be better. Our answers are similar because you have to be realistic. No

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