Ohyeash! Essay

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Matsuri Hino is a great mangaka and she even put wonderful quotes.This are my favorite quotes:Yuki to Kaname: "If you are to be branded as a sinful and tainted vampire then.. then I want to fall down with you to the very farthest depths."Kaname to Yuki: "I can't possibly lose you. If the only option I had was to lose you, then I.. ..I would prefer death instead, be it yours by my hand or... or could you please kill me then Yuki?"Zero to Yuki: "I was always watching from here. Always watching you watch Kuran Kaname"Kaname: "Sometimes, forgetting is a type of happiness."Kaien Cross: "Ahh! Tomatoma soup! (he meant tomato soup)Zero: In my heart her existence is not small... (oh I melted here, by the way since Zero does not express feelings easily this line really made me melt ).Zero: I only wanted your blood, Yuuki. (A finally!! the unspoken truth)..Kaname: I love you more than anything in the world (Oh poor Kaname)Yuuki (for Kaname): If you weren't there for me back then, I would not be here today Kaname to Yuuki: ''because my precious girl was bitten by another..''Kaname to Zero:''Actually my blood running to your vains, so I am protecting Yuuki, not you.''Kaname to Yuuki: '' until I forgive you stay with me a little longer just like this''Ruka: '' I've heard that Kaname-sama is really handsome, smart, kind, strong, a pureblood, amd not a pervert,,he is perfect and admirable!''Kaname to Yuuki:'' I didn't think this day would come, making me listen to you talk about som other man..is cruel'' Kaname: Do you want to be a vampire yuuki, become a blood sucking monster like me....Live for eternity by my side...?Yuuki: my wish is.... yes "I love you Kaname-sama. You are the beginning of of my world, and everything in that world...So even if I couldn't remember my past...I wasn't scared"- Yuuki Cross "Yuuki, the safest place is beside

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