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Ohio Citizen Action Ohio Citizen Action is a wide spread group with many volunteers that care deeply about what they are doing. Citizen Action is the largest environmental organization in Ohio and the main goal of the organization is to protect the environmental health of Ohio as well as watch for political corruption. They were founded in 1975 and since then have had overwhelming success on their campaigns. The effectiveness of this organization is high. During their campaigns they use numbers to convince the opposition to listen to what they are saying along with many other effective strategies. Ohio Citizen Action was founded in 1975 and was otherwise known as the Ohio Public Interest Campaign, which in other words was a coalition of unions and community organizations. Back then they worked to pass a legislation to protect employees and communities physical harm from the pollution that some plants that closed left behind. This was a broadening of the organization from environmental health concerns to human health concerns. The organization also focused their efforts on tax abatements, municipal electric power, natural gas prices, grocery store price-fixing, nuclear plant construction and victim’s rights. This organization has covered the broad spectrum of issues that have to deal with the community. They would mature into so much more than a environmental activists group. As the organization matured they would get involved in political issues such as watching for political corruption in the state. The reason why the state of Ohio has gathered such a extensive public list of campaign contributors is because the Ohio citizens action spent many months researching and analyzing campaign contributions to Ohio Candidates. This is only what they accomplished when their organization was in its early years. The organization increasingly focused on

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