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ummer Reading Programme 2014 Summer is the best time for reading, and in order to help you make the most of this time the English and Literature Panels have produced a list of books that you might enjoy reading. There are books of many different genres and levels of difficulty so there is plenty for you to choose from. Don’t miss this opportunity to sharpen up your language skills! What should you do? 1. Choose the list for the form you will be in next year. For example: if you are now a Secondary 1 student in Year 2013-2014 and will be promoted to Secondary 2 in Year 2014-2015, you should follow Pre-Secondary 2 reading list. 2. Enjoy the books on the list and complete the following tasks: Pre S1-Pre S3 students: Read as many books on the list as possible. Complete the tasks listed below using a different book for each task. Your journals will be collected and graded by your English teacher in September. You will also be asked to make presentations on some of the books you read during English lessons and/or in your reading periods. 1. Pretend you are a character in the book and write a diary entry. 2. Make a timeline of the events of the story. Explain it. 3. Make a series of 5 drawings depicting the major turning points in the story. Describe them. 4. Create another character for the story. Tell how things would change with this new character's presence. 5. Rewrite your favorite part of the book using yourself as a character and a favourite place as a setting. 6. Create a poster advertising the book. Explain it. 7. Construct a crossword puzzle of words and their definitions from the story. 8. Write and illustrate a poem about the story. 9. Design the front page of a newspaper with headlines and a story about what happened in the book. 10. Draw a movie poster advertising the story, and cast a

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