Oh The Places You'Ll Go

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Dr. Seuss is famous for writing children books that contain rhyming, imaginative characters, and off the wall story lines. Dr. Seuss’s “Oh The Places You’ll Go” is a prime example. When reading, “Oh The Places You’ll Go” from a child to an adolescent, your view of the book changes dramatically. The book merely means to a young child that life is full of excitement and to explore the many options that life may bring you. But as an adolescent, the book is trying to tell you that nothing comes easy in life and to choose your paths wisely. Dr. Seuss uses rhythms and rhyming to engage the listeners or readers of this children’s book. When reading any book or listening to a song at a young age, we don’t truly digest the lesson they are trying to give to us. When I was younger and read “Oh The Places You’ll Go” I thought the message Dr. Seuss was trying to tell me was there are many exotic places in the world that I need to visit. I also thought the book was telling me to be adventurous and do crazy things in life. Reading “Oh The Places You’ll Go” as a 17-year-old and thinking about where I want to go to college, the message the book sent me was that life is full of many hard decisions and making important choices are not easy to do. So choose your paths wisely and explore what is out there in the world and explore the many options. The “Waiting Place” in the book is a symbol to me as a place where people go who are waiting for something new and exiting to happen in their life. It is an underlying message given to the readers that opportunities aren’t just given to you in life, you must search for them your self by travelling to new places and experiencing new things. Nothing will come to us from waiting around in life. Realize that we all make mistakes in life, but the way we bounce back from those mistakes and learn from them is what makes us a better person. I
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