Oh Nightingale Essay

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John Milton’s “O Nightingale” is a sonnet of contrast between the Nightingale and Cuckoo bird, The Nightingale bird is a powerful symbol of success and love. On the other hand there’s the Cuckoo bird, which is the complete opposite of the Nightingale bird, the Cuckoo represents hate and jealousy. The Nightingale and Cuckoo bird’s chirps are a key in symbolism in the poem. Both the birds are always watching and influence people as they go on their day. Milton shows the contrast in the poem between love and hate with the Nightingale and Cuckoo bird. The Nightingale bird also known as the bird of song makes melodious music with its chirp, which can be found in many other poems. The sounds of the Nightingale are pleasing to hear and give new hope for love. Is quote proves it “Thou with fresh hope the lovers heart dost fill”, (line 3). The bird is a powerful symbol success and love. The chirps of the Nightingale melodious in nature, which brings the feelings of love and success to someone walking by. The feelings someone would get by the bird would be uplifting which would best be symbolized with love and success. The Nightingale bird is essentially a bird of hope for new love in one’s life. The Cuckoo is also known as the rude bird of hate it is the complete opposite of the Nightingale bird. Its chirps are much different than the Nightingale bird. The chirp is a two-note sound, the same as the common Cuckoo clock. The sounds are harsh, representing hate and jealousy. Someone that hears the bird might find it annoying. The annoyance can quickly trigger anger, which is commonly associated with hate. The sound of Cuckoo bird is a key symbol of hate in the poem. Its is clearly shown in the poem, “Now timely sing,ere the rude Bird of Hate Foretell my hopeles doom in som Grove ny”, (line 9-10). When someone’s having a bad time or hate issues the Cuckoo bird may be found
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