Oh, Hormones Essay

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English I Shirley Conn Oh, Hormones! While on vacation, and driving gown Route 66, there is an ample amount of opportunity to get lost. Just one left turn can take you to a totally different place than you intended to be. But, there is one funny thing about the couple than I am talking about. The husband was driving the vehicle. Although his wife was holding a map, he refused to listen. With the need to feel in charge and take the lead. A trait commonly found in most men. That is just one of several examples that I’m going to show you, the different compare and contrasts that I have found within women and men. I can give you just a few more, to show you where I am headed with this. Pain: a distressing sensation in a particular part of the body. That’s the definition of pain, taken from the Webster’s Dictionary. With you now knowing that definition, it brings me to my next thought. Men handling pain. They seem to believe that they have a better grasp on how to handle pain than women. But obviously they must have forgotten the little fact that we have been bearing children for centuries. Some women can tolerate pain just as well as men can fellas! Little do people know… It’s a proven fact that a womens brain is 10% larger than a mans. Not saying that we use all of it, But it is larger! Along with that big brain, comes big emotions, and big hormones. Not all women are this way, but the majority, let’s just say…”Men, stay clear!” But the hormones are almost vital. It’s what makes us a woman. Gives us traits, and distinguishes who we are. I like to think of it as if men are missing all the good stuff. As men know, hormones also give us some different emotions. We can sometimes cry at the drop of the hat, or be as mean as a snake. We are nourishing towards our children, and highly protective. But, also are men. It’s like a innate behavior to take

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