Oglala Sioux Early Childhood Education Case Study

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“There’s an urgent need to pick up the pace of improvement for Native students in this country” said Natasha Ushomirsky. “Some states, schools, and institutions of higher education are already working hard to ensure progress for Native students. We need to understand what they are doing right and use those strategies to improve outcomes for Native students around the country”. Using the source material and your own knowledge evaluate the educational outcomes for the Oglala Sioux of the Pine Ridge Reservation and explain how government education programs and community-based initiatives aim to improve their educational outcomes. Introduction: Education is recognised as both a human right and the primary vehicle by which The Oglala Sioux…show more content…
The Lakota language immersion centre is one of the only childcares on the reservation. * Aim: To “Help kids find a voice they have lost” by teaching the children Lakota from a preverbal age, their level of learning is enhanced and they are set up for a positive education. * Less than 10% speak Lakota 96% over 40 lost in the current generation. * 97% of parents with children in the childcare are highly supportive of their child’s education which contributes to their chance of finishing school and going to university. * Donations to the childcare fund books in their library which has the World’s largest selection of Lakota books to elevate literacy levels. * Peter Hill campaigns that “The language is the vehicle for, and most important by product of, the education” provides bimonthly language classes for parents of the community to ensure they see the importance of their child’s learning and will support them through their education. Through Language renewal of the mother tongue, Indigenous communities have begun to improve their educational outcomes as a result of having an early childhood education, depicting it’s vitality and the need for more childcares on the Reservation.

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