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As a group we decided to observe a local CVS and the way management controls its employees. To our dismay, we realized that the mission statement that CVS provides does not quite match the actions of its local stores, due to its ineffectiveness of reinforcing its controls. Typically, a successful manager at CVS would spend most of their time providing customer service and working with or training store employees. They should also hire their employees based on how well they can adapt to the CVS culture, work as a team, and work with customers. Based on the CVS mission statement, it is understood that their business practices are based on having skilled workers and while providing good customer service. However, through our own personal observations on November 12th, 2008, we have come to realize that their mission statement based on control does not always hold true. Though we observed the manager personally assisting customers, he portrayed laissez-faire management allowing his employees complete freedom to make their own decisions while working, even if it resulted in negative customer service. “Tom” (the manager), did not remind his employees to take over customer service roles when business begin to get crowded; instead, he took it upon himself to handle customers, including at the register. Although, we previously stated that CVS emphasizes a team-based company, we observed only one employee working independently, unaware of the stress on his manager. In addition, this employee had unreasonably long hair and was a distraction toward other customers. The manager decided to take no action to remind this employee to cut his hair. Also, the employee had his shirt was un-tucked and his attire was scruffy and unprofessional. A typical CVS employee should have the proper attire including a tucked-in shirt, khaki pants, and an appropriate name tag. In these

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