Officer Selection Process

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Officer Selection Process Name CJA-214 Month date, 2011 Facilitator Officer Selection Process The initial step is to make the decision to become a police officer. The next step in the process is to satisfy the minimum requirement. Once this has been done, he or she must decide on the level of agency he or she wants to be a part of. The three levels of agencies to choose from are the local, state, and federal agencies. Although parts of the selection process are standardize across the board, there are some differences in reference to the hiring and eligibility process for the agencies at each level. He or she need to decide on which type of agency would be the best fit for him or her. Standard Requirements in the Selection Process To become a local, state, or federal agency officer the initial selection process can take many months to complete. First an application has to be filled out. Once the application has been filled out, an entrance examination is administered. This exam is normally a written aptitude test. The written exam can be held in the agencies training room, college, or university campus. It is very important to for the potential officer to take the exam on the assigned. Because of the cost of the exams, they are only given at certain times. It may be a year or two before the next opportunity to take an exam arise. Next a battery of tests is given to the potential officer that he or she has to endure and complete. He or she will be given a medical exam, criminal record check, background check, psychological testing, drug test, a polygraph, physical agility testing, driving record check, and have a personal interview. Once the results of the test come back, a more rigorous selection process begins. Some may be qualified to be an officer at the local level but the state level. In addition, those who qualified for the state may not qualify
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