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Almost everyone wants to work in an office, almost everyone want a great compensation and almost everyone want to look good while they are working. What job is it? I’ll say Office Manager. I plan to be an office manager because of the compensation and benefits, work environment and because this job fits my personality. First of all, there are many benefits of being an office manager. Office managers do make a lot of money which is the most important reason why I’m considering to be an office manager. And, the job satisfaction is good too, for example, you can wear suit every day. In fact, after you work for a few years as an office manager, you may be able to start your own business since office managers increase their wages easily. Moreover, I like the work environment of this job. I love being busy while I’m working and the work environment of an office is extremely busy! There are lots of paper work, lots of phone calls and lots of computer. Besides, I enjoy the social intercourse with my associates. Working in an office, I will make lots of friends that are educated and I may even find my girlfriend there! Also, this job fits my personality. Office managers need to be an expert leader and I love to be a leader when there are some big plans. I can distribute the work to my subordinates. Besides, office managers need creativity in order to solve problems as quick as possible and I think I’m talented in creativity which will help me handle the work of manager. Since I was young, my father, who is a business owner, taught me how a company works thus I know the basic things of being an office manager. As conclusion, there are lots of advantages of being an office manager but there are lots of requirement of becoming an office manager. I’ll need a high degree and different kinds of abilities. If you are planning to be an office manager, you should

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