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Office Gossip Page 1 Globusz ® Publishing OFFICE GOSSIP Whoever gossips to you will gossip about you. ~ Spanish Proverb Do you love chatting with your colleagues at workplace? How often do you talk about others? Do you find gossiping fun? Or have you ever been the victim of it? Whatever it is, chances are high that you have been affected by workplace gossip one way or the other. In fact, gossip is one of the major vices that affect our workplace. It is creating barriers between those who work together, decreasing productivity, and spreading negative feelings. Although some researchers tend to highlight the positive effects of gossip by emphasizing its role in enhancing communication between workers, the negative effects of gossip far outweigh its supposed positive aspects. Gossip, in plain and simple words, involves spreading lies, truths with bad intention, and half truths. Its effects can be very detrimental to a person or an organization. Typically, gossip flourishes in an environment where there is a lack of transparency - which may be between management and employees, management and trade unions; supervisors and subordinates. People who spread gossip at the office generally feel insecure of their own positions at work, and aim for success without considering the interest of their colleagues. Gossip mongers are usually jealous by nature, and find satisfaction in spreading rumors about those who are more popular and successful in their endeavors and projects. Identifying office gossips The characteristics of gossips are jealousy, envy, insecurity about themselves, insecurity about their position, untrustworthiness, paranoia, suspicion of other people's motives, lack of trust (based on how they behave), not typically a team player, they play victim, want attention, they give a great first impression as being nice, only talk about

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