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Of The Look Domestic sphere is surrounded more round the women and how they are defined by men as objects. They are looked upon as an object and they don’t have much of a voice. Women are not equal to men the same in the public eye. Women are looked down on and not valued the same and don’t receive much credit and appreciation. When a woman does something to gain respect or something strong, a lot of others try to find how a man could be connected to her success. Instead of giving her the credit, it would be easier to say a man did it. The female population are usually looked at to be more sensitive and weak, while men are the more dominant ones and stronger. Women are always in the public eye based on how they look, not for what they have, do and their reasons. Men are constantly judged by what they do and what they have. The rights and privileges, their work, conduct of business and their roles in society makes the man more of the public sphere. Men make the rules in society and shown that a man is the ruler of how others conduct themselves. Things a man would do a woman couldn’t get away with the same without being judged or looked at in a different way. In a way that would cause more negative attention than it would for a man. Women have it harder on them just because men feel they are superior to women instead of trying to make things equal or similar. In this paper I plan to actually make the argument that both gender roles can have a part in both domestic and public sphere, not just one for one. Domestic sphere and public sphere are both shown in “Self Portrait”. Domestic sphere is being shown with the gentlemen painting a portrait of a naked woman and he has stopped to allow someone to observe his work. As he stands there, the details of his work can be seen very clear. “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe” (pg. 8 Berger).

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