Of Nothing Essay

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A light shown through the thin cloth curtains that covered the only window in my quaint little bedroom. It was as bright as the moon on a clear starry night. The light had awoken me from my deep peaceful slumber. When I was still half conscious it almost looked like it was day time, but as I slowly came into my right mind I noticed that it was still night. I tried to go back into my blissful unconscious. Unfortunately my conscious was nagging at me to get up and find the cause of the eerie light. Deciding that it would be futile try and rest I placed my feet onto the plush carpet that covered my floor and pulled myself out of my warm bed. I slowly made my way over to my window and eased the curtain to the side. I gasped. The light was three times as bright now that it was not covered and dulled by my bland peach curtain. The strange thing was that the light didn’t stay as it was it started to get brighter and brighter until I had to cover my eyes for fear that I would lose my sight. I could have sworn I heard someone laughing manically as the light consumed everything. I knew that if I lived long enough to remember that I would never forget the sensations I felt as the light overtook everything. The next thing I knew it was all over. I removed my hand from my eyes to find that the light was gone and so was everything else. I knew or thought that I was awake and that I was seeing, but I wasn’t seeing a thing. Because there was nothing to see. All the trees, all the houses, the roads everything it was all gone. Suddenly I couldn’t breath. My heart would not deliver oxygen to my lungs. I was suffocating. I felt my legs give way and I started to fall, but I didn’t hit the ground I just kept falling and falling. I was afraid that I would never stop. Abruptly I stopped I felt something soft underneath me when I finally built up the courage to open

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