Of Mice And Men Title Essay

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Haley Buice Mrs. Chambers 5th 11/14/11 Of Mice and Men Rewrite When John Steinbeck chose the title Of Mice and Men, it was meant to show that everything has a flaw and can come to an end. Everything has a flaw and can end. Nothing is ever perfect, everything can have a fault. Steinbeck wanted to share what his story was based off of through the title to the readers. The title Of Mice and Men shows how everything can have an end. The title represents this because in the story has many things that don’t go as planned. Many times there is an incident where something makes it so that things take a turn for the worst. When George and Lennie were back in Weed, Lennie grabbed a woman’s red dress and made the girl think that she was being raped. When Lennie does this, he sets everything…show more content…
George tried his hardest to try and keep Lennie out of trouble so that they could possibly live in peace. Lennie ends up killing Curley’s wife though and throws off everything. He ends up running away and Curley’s wants to kill him. They were going to have their own house, rabbits, and farm. They planned to earn money then move out, but everything changed because of Lennie’s actions. Everything was rearranged and a total mess. When Lennie ends up throwing off all their plans George ends up having to kill him. George tried to protect Lennie for many years, but in the end it was him who ended up having to kill him. George kills him because he believes that if anyone should have to kill him it should be him. George ends up sending him out happy thinking of tending rabbits. Lennie starts a chain reaction of total chaos and rage between him, George, and Curley. When the title Of Mice and Men was chosen by John Steinbeck, the significance was to show that everything has a flaw. Nothing ever lasts forever and never will. Whatever the case, everything has an end and nothing is ever
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