Of Mice And Men Society Analysis

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English 9 AA / 2nd hour 16 December 2010 Peoples Differences in Society In the novelette Of Mice and Men, the setting was based on the depression era. In those days the “different” weren’t treated as to what people are today. They treated people as if they were from a different world. If there was a black, mentally disabled, or a woman like in this book, they treated them differently. John Steinbeck, the author, showed a good example of social injustice in this book. He demonstrates how the weak were abused by the strong and all humans suffered because of it. First of all, Crooks is an outcast not only because he is black, but also because of his curved spine. Crooks is forced to sleep in…show more content…
They were travelling buddies from the start. They went to Weed jointly, got fired from Weed together and went to the ranch together. The guys on the ranch thought that it’s weird for one guy to stick up for another. Slim even told George, “ain’t many guys travel around together” (35). Two men do not usually stand up for each other and when they came along people stare at them like they are crazy. The men also thought that they were always up to something. When they first went in for the job on the ranch, George told Lennie not to talk, to let him do all the talking. When he asked Lennie and question and George answered it for him, he got suspicious. The boss asked “why don’t you let him talk? What you trying to pull over?” (22). The boss always thought that the reason why Lennie was not talking was because they were trying to hide something from him. Therefore, Of Mice and Men is a good example of social injustice. Perhaps Steinbeck made the book this way to show the readers how life was like back then, and to try to do something about it. To have all the intelligent people make life a better place to live. No matter how hard the citizens tried to change, they are always going to be different. Social injustice has changed a lot since the depression era. Schools for the mentally disabled, African American and white people
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