Of Mice and Men 'Slim' Character Question Plan

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How effectively does Steinbeck present the character of Slim in ‘Of Mice and Men’? Intro When mentioning his gracefulness, use the quote “he moved with a majesty” page 36. Mention the financial crisis and people clinging onto their jobs like Lennie and George were. Symbolism Symbolism used in the word “prince of the ranch” He’s put across as the conscience of the book. He might be a symbol of how America should have been. Symbol of people’s aspirations or dreams. Reactions Page 117-118 explore the difference in the way George and Slim dealt with Curley’s wife’s death to Curley and Carlson. Use the quote from Carlson: “Now what the hell ya suppose is eatin’ them two guys” And the quote “Come on, George. Me an’ you’ll go in an’ get a drink” The way Slim dealt with Curley’s crushed hand. Realism Steinbeck portrays him as a kind of ‘hero’ however, he never does anything heroic. It’s all just an illusion? There is no such this as a ‘perfect America’ yet Steinbeck persists to portray Slim as a symbol of Perfect America. Refer to symbolism paragraph. Stereotypical character Jim Crowe laws segregated blacks from whites, is it a coincidence that: He’s white and perfect? He has the best job. He has good friends who look up to him. He has no problems that we know about. In context notes {resource not a paragraph topic} Salinas valley was fertile, had lots of jobs and was nicknamed ‘California’s golden state.’ John Steinbeck was a factual writer, politically aware, from Salinas, worked on ranches there was unemployment. In 1930. 25,000 people were killed at work. 100,000,000 people flocked to California to find jobs. Green is words used as symbolism. Red is key words. Yellow is quotations. Pink is in context. Blue is page
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