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 Of Mice and Men By Tri Pham ____________________________________________________________ _______________________ The beautiful, timeless novel of Of Mice and Men speaks out for its creator, John Steinbeck for how marvelous a writer he is when he blends in one impression of all the qualified facets of a great writer according to Vladimir Nabokov's evaluation of a good writer. In Steinbeck's writing exists a fine presence of a flickering magic that unifies the entire aspect in any of his masterpieces. He enchanted all for every phrase we sip in. He has us going for from the development to the outcome of the story line. After the omnipotence of mastery in painting his story ,…show more content…
Letting you know, re-ensuring you through the storms of striking conflicts and rest you on the outcome of the storyline. The sensory language that Steinbeck brought into existence had succeeded when it grew into a visualization as if the reader also rides the journey with Lennie and George and the emotional connections are established. Talking more about the strategy and the technique angles of such gifted writer, in the novel of Of Mice and Men, Lennie was created to manipulate the excitement of fear into the book and further more to the readers. Bouncing to another angle, the repetition method was applied where George always gets angry and had enough with Lennie's troubles but the circle went on when George again feels sorry for Lennie, who doesn't understand the complicated life that he has. Foreshadowing was another ingredient added in the story to introduce the readers to ideas of incidents that become main parts of the story as it proceeded. “To the storyteller we turn for mental excitement, ..... for the pleasure of traveling in some remote region in space or time....” and when reading Steinbeck's books, especially Of Mice and Men we received fully those factors that Nabokov has described for a storytelling

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