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Of Mice and Men Essay Plan Intro • In 1930’s American people had no work • Time of the great depression , Poverty and hardship • millions of people unemployed = looking for any work available - "Of Mice of Men," = set in this period • about two ranch workers Lennie and George who are migrant workers. • Migrant workers moved from place to place to find work • No proper relationship with others - loneliness is a theme in this novel • All the people on the ranch are lonely for different reasons • reflective of the time period in which the novel was written • shows the harsh reality of their lives. • book is set The American Dream • Each individual had their own interpretation of their ideal situation for life Section 1 • Chapter 2 begins with the introduction of a new setting • describes the bunkhouse in considerable detail • 8 beds piled upon each other - half the bunks = have no blankets. • had mattresses made of long burlap sacks stuffed with straw “Over each bunk there was nailed an apple box with the opening forward so that it made two shelves for the personal belongings of the occupant of the bunk.” • There are no chairs. “In the middle of the room stood a big square table littered with playing cards, and around it were grouped boxes for the players to sit on.” • Working conditions are hard • Does not specify how many hours per day the men have to work or how many days per week "bucking grain bags, bustin' a gut." • not very welcoming - presents ranch community = degree of realism • realism characterises = the temporary life of the migrant worker in California • Steinbeck knew well from personal experience - brings ranch community closely to life • different reactions to the dream = how they’ve been impacted by the cruel weight of reality • little friendship or kindness because of the poor conditions and poor job

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