Of Mice And Men Murder Analysis

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Yes it is very simple to understand that murder is a crime and in most cases it should be punishable by execution. It is also very easy to understand that my client George is the man that killed Lennie Small. However it is not easy to understand why he killed him and if it is considered murder. That’s right all killings are not murder they are not the same thing. Killing is the taking of a like but murder is the doing so out of hatred or out of personal gain. The state sentences people to death, it kills them but the state is not in itself a murderer. So what decides a killer from a murderer is the motive of reason for what they did. The question then arises what was George’s motive for killing Lennie. What was this great reason for his actions that makes this a killing not a murder and in that not be able to be sentenced to jail. Well he has told us and it is up to you the members of the jury to determine if this is a valid reason for his actions. George and only George new exactly who Lennie was and what he has done in the past. This knowledge of Lennie allowed George before anyone else to know that it was Lennie who killed Curley’s wife. Also since George knew Lennie so well he was able to know pretty much exactly what happened and why Lennie did what he did. As so as everyone began demanding Lennie’s head…show more content…
The final reason that George should not be convicted of murder is the way in which he killed Lennie. My client didn’t simply kill Lennie he did it in the most humane way that he could have. He didn’t simply kill Lennie he made sure he was at piece of mind. Before taking Lennie out my client told him his favorite story. George let him know that one day they would have a farm together and he would in charge of all the soft little bunnies. He had Lennie thinking about how happy they would be one day so that when he died he was in the most peaceful state of mind
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