Of Mice and Men - Letter to George

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Dear George, An ambiguous question arises on whether you did the right thing by killing Lennie at the end of the story. Some people believe that you did it out of friendship and as a mercy killing, while at the same time others believe that you did it for his own wellbeing. In my personal opinion, I would have to say that you killed Lennie simply out of love. In support of my opinion, I have found many perceptible facts throughout the novel that prove it is a legitimate theory. In the following paragraph, I further describe my reasoning in depth. The first reason that I believe you did the right thing was due to the circumstances that arose before Lennie’s death. At that time in the novel Lennie had just accidentally killed Curley’s wife. When everyone found out, they immediately suspected that Lennie had done it. So together, with the exception of you who left moments before, they set out in search of “their killer”. There is no question that their only intention was to kill him. My reason for this came right out of Candy’s conversation with you at the first murder scene. He said that “Curley gon’ta wanta get ‘im lynched. Curley’ll get ‘im killed”, then you replied that Curley’s statement was right and that the other men would go along with it. The second reason for my opinion is based on the actual sequence of events that occurred at the Salinas Riverbank. When you got there, Lennie was frantically yelling, for he believed that you were “gonna give [him] hell”. Lennie kept on using the same phrase that he “should go off and live in a cave somewhere”, which is clearly not logical because you knew that Lennie could not have survived on his own, especially when an angry mob was out looking for him. Therefore, instead of yelling at him you actually did the opposite. As you tried to make Lennie happy in his last moments of life, you told him to look across the
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