Of Mice And Men George And Candy's Relationship Analysis

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Compare and contrast the relationship between George and two characters. Look closely at the way they speak and act and the way the relationship changes in the course of the novel. George and Candy’s relationship varies and develops throughout the novel. George is initially suspicious of Candy, as his first words to him are ‘what the hell’s this?’ This reflects the fact that George thinks Candy may be trying to deceive him, as perhaps from his experience, he has learned not to trust anyone on a ranch, as everyone keeps to themselves. We are first introduced to Candy when George and Lennie arrive at the ranch. George is unsure what to make of Candy as he ‘worked up a slow anger’ based purely on suspicion and distrust. However, we see that the…show more content…
Initially, they are unsure of each other, and of just how much they can share with each other, but as the story unfolds, we see more of a friendship beginning to evolve, for example George defends Candy when Carlson is threatening to kill his dog. Also, when George disapproves of Candy and Lennie spending time with Crooks, we see an interesting authority from George over the other men, and Candy is ‘crestfallen’ when George scolds him. ‘Well you guys get outta here. Jesus, seems like I can’t go away for a minute.’ This shows the power George holds over them, perhaps because he is the leader almost of the dream, and they all greatly trust him. In comparison, the relationship with George and Curley’s wife is almost the opposite to his friendship with Candy, as there is no trust or ease between them. In fact, George acts very hostile towards here, perhaps out of routine as he is terrified that there will be a repeat of the weed incident, or perhaps just because of the warnings he has been given from the other men, so he knows not to get involved. Both Candy and Curley’s wife take an interest to Lennie, as he is just ‘like a big baby’, however for very different reasons. Candy is excited by these two men as firstly, it is unusual yet interesting for two men to travel together, and also they have brought him this opportunity of hope that he has been waiting for. Curley’s wife, on the other hand, only talks to lennie because she longs for attention, and someone to talk to, and she can trust Lennie as he is innocent and
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