Of Mice And Men Essay Loneliness

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English Essay - Of Mice and Men In this essay i will write about how Steinbeck uses the recurring theme of loneliness throughout the novel 'Of Mice and Men ' . I shall write about the different characters in the novel and how they have this one trait in common , Candy , Crooks ,Curley's wife and George are all effected by loneliness and is shown as a destructive force . I will also write about how the setting represents loneliness by the language that Steinbeck uses to create effect . In the novel we find out that Crooks is very lonely and isolated because he is different than other people. He is ignored by everyone on the ranch because he is black , this makes his character bitter and mean"Books ain't no good . A guy need somebody to be near him ."Crooks mainly keeps his distance between himself and the other men at the ranch to ensure he doesn't cause any problems . When Lennie approaches him in his bunk house his first reaction to him is fuelled by envy by his and Georges friendship .Crooks teases Lennie and makes out that George wont be coming back for him *quote*. He only does this to Lennie to show him what it like for him having nobody there and how he needs a companion , like Lennie and George ." A guy goes nuts if he aint got nobody." This shows how destructive loneliness is and how it changes his
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