Of Mice and Men Essay

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Alexander J. Weissend English 10 Mrs. Ricci 20 March 2012 Of Mice and Men Essay When two men try to fulfill a dream hardship, and sorrow followed by a devastating end to a journey long traveled. Based in California in the 1930s, a few miles south of Soledad. George and Lennie discover the reason most men like them don’t make it to their dreams. In Of Mice and Men, John Steinbeck use emotionally vivid setting, informal language, and undermined and flawed characters to express how these men may to work their hardest but the America dream was just too out of reach. In Of Mice and Men John Steinbeck uses visual details and life like descriptions to create vivid emotional setting. For example, in chapter 1 he says “On one side of the river the golden foothill sides” (1) using words like river that are modifiers makes the reader visualize an image in your mind. Words like golden express an emotional tension between the colors, setting, and your mind. Another example also on “Sandy bank under the trees the leaves lie so deep and crisp” (1) this another example of imagery that makes you really see what your reading, like how when we are in the season fall and we rake leaves we see how crisp and dry they are readers can relate to the story and be emotionally interested. With emotional setting it creates exciting images the reader can relate to from life experiences. John Steinbeck uses informal language to help show the time period, work environment, and lack of schooling, due to the fact that this book is based in the 1930s. The author uses words like “ain’t” which is not a real word now. He also uses old slang words like tick (bedding), bindle (bundle of bedding and personal belongings). He also uses the derogatory terms stable buck (black farm worker) and the very harsh word nigger both very disrespectful words for us and not used today. Mr. Steinbeck used these

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