Of Mice And Men- Curley's Wife Essay

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a) Within the extract, the theme of loneliness is presented through the characters’ dialogue and actions. Every ranch worker’s circumstance is lonely –to some extent- although Crooks case is far worse, due to his segregation on the farm. Crooks is aware of the racism directed towards him, as he states “Why it’s just a nigger saying it.” To others Crooks’ opinions may seem insignificant and worthless. He understands that his thoughts may not be heard, as racism at this time was at its peak. The fact that Crooks himself is aware of how others may perceive him, highlights the theme of loneliness, as we realise that that he is discriminated against. The children in Crooks’ past contrast to his present situation. He states “White kids came to play at our place, an’ sometimes I went to play with them.” The children bore no prejudice towards Crooks and were indifferent, showing us the lack of discrimination he received as a child. This opposes to the harsh reality that he is now facing i.e. racism, reinforcing the theme of loneliness. Lennie constantly talks about the idea of him and George being together. An example is when Lennie states “Sure. Me an’ him goes ever’ place together.” George and Lennie’s circumstance contrasts to Crooks’ entirely. Lennie has a companion whom he shares a dream with, whereas Crooks is confined in a small shack with no company. The contrast between their relationships illustrates the theme of loneliness. Crooks puts much emphasis on the importance of company. He mentions “A guy talkin to another guy and it don’t make no difference if he don’t hear or understand. The thing is they’re talkin.” The idea of company again contrast to Crook’s actual circumstance, making him seem like a lonely existence. In addition the phrase talks about how dependent we are on our fellow man – in terms of conversation. No matter who is talking or what they’re

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