Of Mice And Men Character Analysis

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Jordan Williams World Literature & Comp. p.1 April 10th, 2011 Of Mice and Men Character Essay When reading Steinbeck’s classic Of Mice and Men you’ll be able to comprehend his message portrayed throughout the characters. While the play and movie versions of this novel are very well articulated, they consist of many differences in the characters, their interactions and being. Some examples of these differences would be Lennie’s character and George’s difference in personalities along with Candy and Crooks. I think throughout all three versions of this story Curley’s Wife is the most varied among the three. The differences within the character of Lennie are easily and greatly seen. In the book he isn’t seen as having a mental disability but more so just acting stupid and a little bit “slower.” Also while in the book, Lennie does love rabbits, but doesn’t constantly talk about them like he does in the play and movie. George’s personality also changes; in the play he easily becomes very negative and rude towards many of the characters, especially Lennie, while in the book and most of the movie he’s generally nicer. The character of Candy also changes greatly amongst the different versions. In the book he is seen as a very quiet man, he keeps to himself, and he’s seen as very old and fragile. This changes, while the play is the almost a complete opposite. He has a very fruitful personality in the play, more so than the movie. The movie shows a little of an in between of both of the other versions. Although in each version he always carries a more kept to himself personality and older appearance. Throughout these three versions the most variety of difference of character is Curley’s Wife. She is seen as a nuisance and pest to the workers on the farm, as well as very stubborn and rude women whom deserves what she gets. This is mostly seen because of her

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