Of Mice And Men: Chapter Analysis

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Of Mice and Men Summary Chapter One - Two workers, living in the depressing times of The Great Depression; George Milton and Lennie Small are first seen resting in a clearing which is located near the river. After this they plan to go to a nearby ranch where they expect some work. They had left the last ranch in a desperate hurry because Lennie was involved in an incident, Lennie also always asked George to tell him about their dream ranch and about the rabbits. Chapter Two - After Chapter One, George and Lennie finally reach the ranch where they will be working temporarily, they are quickly shown to the bunk house and are introduced to Candy (an old swamper with only one hand). Also Curley and the Boss is introduced, who at first was suspicious of George who wouldn't let Lennie talk during their interview. We also hear of Curley's beautiful wife who was often seen to be flirting with the other workers, especially…show more content…
Curley's wife then comes into the barn and flirts with Lennie and he admits to have a like for stroking things, so he began to stroke her hair. As Lennie continues to stroke her hair harder, she starts to get scared and agitated and Lennie eventually breaks her neck. He then proceeds to bury her body in the hay and run away. Chapter Six - In this chapter, George meets up with Lennie at the area where George told him to go if anything ever went wrong, Lennie is panicking a lot as he has just committed a crime and doesn't know what to do. George tries to calm him down by talking to him about their dream ranch and what it would be like, he slowly distracts Lennie's attention until he decides to shoot Lennie in the head with a pistol. It ends with George walking off with Slim while weeping over having to shoot Lennie. By Gerry
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