Of Mice And Men Chapter 1 Summary

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Of Mice And Men Chapter One Question 1 Summarise what has happened in this chapter using the space below. You can use bullet points or continuous writing. Togeather Lennie and George walked along the river side path, both wearing black shapeless hats. Whist they walked along the riverside path they both carried tight blanket rolls slung over their shoulders. Lennie thought he had lost his work card but George had it the whole time as he didn' trust Lennie with it and thought he'd lose it. If either Lennie or George lost their work cards it meant they would be unable to do any work. Whilst they were out walking Lennie found a dead mouse, he wanted to keep it so he hid it from George. When George realised Lennie was hiding something he demanded Lennie…show more content…
This is something they find impossible to achieve as they are living during the great depression. They travel from town to town to achieve their 'American Dream' with Lennie constantly reminding George of their dreams. It's important for both of them to be able to support themselves without outside intervention. Question 5 Look up the following words/phrases and explain what they mean in your own words: A) Recumbent: This means lieing down flat or
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