Of Mice And Men Candy's Speech Analysis

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Question- What methods does Steinbeck use in this passage to present Candy? In this passage the first and most prominent impression that Steinbeck gives of Candy is that he is an apprehensive and wary character who relies on the reassurance of others around him when he talks. Steinbeck presents him as being hesitant and reluctant, by using a range of punctuation to draw out his speech and and to delay how quickly he discloses dangerous information and gossip: " Yeah Purdy…but-" and " well - she got the eye"are extracts of Candy's speech which uses ellipses, dashes and full stops to demonstrate Candy's reluctance to disclose information which contribute to the way he is presented; a nervous and wary man. This is also demonstrated by the way in which he is constantly seeking an opinion and reassurance from George, who is portrayed as a strong and influential in the novel." The old man was reassured. He had drawn a derogatory…show more content…
Physically Candy is presented as old and frail. He is introduced in this passage as " the old man" immediately instigating a feeling of frailty and exhaustion. However this is contradicted by his opinionated and judging nature in the passage. Steinbeck also echoes Candy's character and overall appearance in his dog. The writer associates the dog and Candy as one using synonyms of the same adjectives to describe the two:" The old man moved towards the door and his ancient dog lifted his head" This further instigates the feeling of fragility in Candy, as it shows how him and his closest companion are old and in terms of the ranch, which depends upon strength, expendable and useless. A grade- " good use of
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