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Of Mice and Men analysis Of Mice and Men is a controversial novel written by John Steinbeck, and published in the year 1937. Many people thought of it as offensive and vulgar because of the language and characterizations used throughout the book. Despite its controversial nature the novel proved to be an instant hit and won many awards. Of Mice and Men documents the plight of two migrant workers in California during the Great Depression; George Milton, who thought of himself as the brains of the group, and his mentally challenged companion Lennie Small who was basically the muscle. Throughout the entire book their goal is to someday own their own piece of land and never have to work for anyone again. Lennie’s obsession with tending the rabbits and feeding them alfalfa hay is his main motivation for living on their own land. Before George and Lennie got on the move to find another job they had to flee Weed, California because of a misunderstanding. Lennie was caught fondling and aggressively grabbing a woman in a red dress which caused her to scream out, resulting in George and Lennie getting chased out of town. The traveling companions were dropped off on the side of a road by a bus on their way to their new job. That night, they slept at the Salinas River and headed to work the next day. Since they were newcomers at their new job, they tried to keep a low profile and stay under the radar so they could just make enough money and get out of there with no trouble; unfortunately, that did not happen. The boss’s son Curley developed a hatred for Lennie because he was a big guy, and Curley had the “little man’s mentality” which cause him to hate any one bigger than him just for that reason alone. Curley and Lennie only got into one confrontation during his time there. Lennie tossed Curley like a doll and broke his hand like it was nothing. Curley’s wife’s

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