Plot Scenes In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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The main difference between the film and the book, ‘Of Mice And Men’ is the added, missed and changed scenes. There were many events added to the movie that illustrate minor plot points in greater detail than in the book. George and Lennie escape from Weed on a train. They are actually shown sneaking onto the train in the movie. This adds more suspense to the scene, giving more background detail and filling in missed gaps; as in the book we do not know how they got away from weed. Curley has a scene where he is practicing boxing on a punch bag. His wife is shown looking on disinterestedly, showing her boredom with her husband in a few short seconds. This scene doesn’t only show the type of relationship between Curley and his wife but also shows Curley’s strength. This, in a way foreshadowing what will happen to Lennie later on during the film, as he gets beaten up by Curley for laughing.…show more content…
Only Curley's wife was around and starts a conversation with George which was later interrupted by Curley. Curley tells her to return to the house and issues a warning to George. This scene doesn’t happen in the book as John Steinbeck spent a lot more time describing Curly’s wife’s personality, so it was easier to visualize. I think this scene is necessary for the movie because it helps you have a better understand of Curly’s wife. She flirts with George to get attention as she is so lonely, and also again, portrays the type of relationship she has with her husband; as he commands her back to the
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