Of Mice and Men Essay

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John Steinbeck’s novella Of Mice and Men demonstrates the animal-like vulnerability that lies within the human creature. Steinbeck shows vulnerability through people, their emotions, and animals.! ! Animals have no say in what humans do to them, but sometimes humans do not have a say in what they do to each other. Curley thinks he is the strongest, most important guy on the ranch, and no one can hurt him, but he’s wrong. He has no idea what brute strength Lennie contains. Lennie at first does not fight back. He lets Curley hit him, in fear that he will not be allowed to tend the rabbits on the farm. Then, as soon as it all started, “Curley sat down on the floor, looking in wonder at his crushed hand.”(pg. 64) When Lennie fought back, there was nothing Curley could do to stop him from hurting him. Curley put himself in a vulnerable place unknowingly. Curley was unaware of the fact that Lennie would not be able to stop before he completely broke his hand. George and Slim almost could not get Lennie to stop. Once he was given the go ahead to fight back, he could not find the strength to stop himself. ! ! There is a certain amount of vulnerability that exists between animal and human, but it also exists between humans. When you care about something or someone, it gives you a weakness. George cares about Lennie even though he knows he could be better off without him. His life would be easier without Lennie, but that doesn't make him leave Lennie behind. There is something making him stay with Lennie, and it is the ability to be compassionate that keeps him around. When George is faced with the same challenging decision that Candy has, Boddie 1 he makes the correct choice, “…[by raising] the gun and [steading] it, and he [brings] the muzzle of it close to the back of Lennie’s neck…. [and then] he [pulls] the trigger.”(pg. 106) George does

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