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Of Mice and Men – Power Of Mice and Men is a film produced in 1992, depicting the American world during the late 1920’s Great Depression. This event influenced the lives of the characters in the story and of millions of people in real life; in fact, the movie is an adaptation of a novel which was written during the Great Depression, explaining where and how the author of the novel - and consequently, the writers of the movie - got their main themes, ideas and setting from. The author has stylized and exaggerated Of Mice and Men as even though he was influenced by the Great Depression [like in the story], and the novella has evidence that it may have been directly influenced by the author’s life, Of Mice and Men can be considered as a work of fiction and as a result, symbolic things can be manipulated however the author pleases. In particular, we see the overall dominance of power. Its importance is exaggerated through incredibly staged scenes where it was intended for power to be depicted as a “godly” force. Betrayals and tough treatment by powerful people makes up a major component of ‘Of Mice and Men’, evident by the foreshadowing that occurs during the beginning of the movie. In which the main characters’ bus driver [during the opening scene] is depicted as a liar and double crosser, gaining George & Lennie’s trust only to reveal that he isn’t trustworthy at the very last moment. An event that is a taste of what to come and immediately being an evident display of power, with the bus driver having the power of controlling the fate of the men’s lives – or in this case the cause of the delay to their job and possible “derailment” of their lives [however this didn’t materialize as the men walked to the farm and had a fairly empathetic boss who allowed them to work even though the bus driver caused them to be a day late - proving that he emphasises with people who

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