Of Mice and Men Essay

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I didn’t want to shoot him, ‘course I didn’t. He was my best friend; I had him to look after me, and me to look after him. We were gonna get a ranch and live the American Dream... We were so close!But now he’s gone, he won’t tend any rabbits or live off the fatta the land with me and Candy, and it’s all that damn girls fault; she jus’ couldn’t keep away could she? Good riddance to her. Oh, and I found out that the house had been sold to a young couple anyway, and that’s just another sad reminder of Lennie and the fact that we never made it. I don’t think folk like us are supposed to, we’re just meant to work all our lives, Candy’s old, and he’s still working in that dump.I keep thinking at least it was me who shot Lennie rather than that angry little bastard Curley, but the guilt was still eating at my gut anyways, and it’s not gonna stop for a long while yet. Curley jus’ wanted Lennie killed ‘cos he was bigger than him. Well he got his wish. I never liked Curley anyway, he thought he owned the place and he wanted to pick a fight all the time. He wanted Lennie dead from the start I bet, and me tellin’ Lennie to fight back a few nights before he died probably made it worse, it was basically me who ruined his fancy boxing career. That’s all he cared about, boxing. Nothing else, not even that floozy wife of

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