Of Mice and Men Essay

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------------------------------------------------- ‘Show how Steinbeck explores the complex relationship between George and Lennie in ‘Of Mice & Men’ with close reference to key scenes in the novel’ P.E.E. Make your point….explain what you mean….. quote. Make sure you say ‘Steinbeck presents them’, ‘Steinbeck describes them as’…. etc. Ask yourself each time you make a point: what does it say about their relationship? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- Introduction ------------------------------------------------- Context ------------------------------------------------- When the book was written and by whom. What is the background to the story? What had been happening in the USA at the time the book was set? Great Depression, Wall Street Crash, environmental problems, New Deal. BRIEF ------------------------------------------------- Relationship is complex because it is unique. Why is it unique? What differences are there between the two sides of the unit? What does it represent? What central themes of the book does it underpin? What do all the other characters represent? ------------------------------------------------- Predatory nature of human existence: people kick down other people when they get a chance. Why? What does Steinbeck want to suggest? ------------------------------------------------- Steinbeck uses a variety of ways to explore their relationship. IT IS IN THEIR DESCRIPTIONS AND INTERACTIONS THAT THEIR RELATIONSHIP IS REVEALED. ------------------------------------------------- Point 1 ------------------------------------------------- The descriptions of them ------------------------------------------------- When we are first introduced to G and L, Steinbeck describes them as walking in ‘single file’. What does this say about their relationship?

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