Of Mice And Men Essay

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Q- ‘Of Mice and Men’, by John Steinbeck portrays characters who are never going to achieve the American dream. Discuss. The American dream has always been endlessly pursued by many, but is not always achieved; this is portrayed in John Steinbeck’s novel, ‘Of Mice and Men’, written in 1931. The characters in the novella are illustrated as the few of many whose dream seemed capable of eventuating; however due to unexpected contingencies, never seemed to do so. The focal character, Lennie, is inevitably drawn to tragedy, due to his wish for untarnished happiness. The composer of the novella profoundly depicts Lennie’s dream as, ‘livin offa the fatta the lan’. Lennie wishes to have a farm and ‘tend to the rabbits’, with George by his side, however due to obstacles and his untimely fate, he never succeeds with his ambition. When Lennie tells Crooks about his dream, Crooks deflates Lennie's happiness and hope by relaying him with the bitterness of the idea that ‘nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land.’ Steinbeck enables the responder to understand and prepare themselves for Lennie’s downfall, through the use of foreshadowing in crooks and Lennie's conversation. As a result, the reader is evoked with sympathy and acceptance of the concept of inexorable shattered dreams and Lennie's death. Initially, George is the character with the big American dream, who is not entirely convinced that his plans will eventuate, however continues to feed the idea to Lennie. George is a powerful character, who is trapped and restricted to achieve his own ambitions. This is due to his strong connection with Lennie who is entirely dependent on him, which in turn only brings him anguish and failure. In the early pages of the novel George mentions to Lennie that he ‘could get along so easy and so nice...maybe have girl’, if Lennie was not on his ‘tail’. Although George

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