Of Mice And Men Essay

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Liam Deacy 12/22/11 Dominican Republic Dominican Republic is one of the most amazing places in Latin America. It catches everyone’s eye and people want to go there. In this paper I will be talking about the geographical features, ancient cavitations, colonization, independence, and modern affairs. Dominican is a great and interesting place to learn about. First, Dominican Republic’s geographical features. The Dominican Republic is located in the Caribbean, eastern two-thirds of the island of Hispaniola, between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, east of Haiti. It is slightly more than twice the size of New Hampshire. The climate is tropical maritime, little seasonal temperature variation; seasonal variation in rainfall. The natural resources are nickel, bauxite, gold, and silver. The natural hazards lie in the middle of the hurricane belt and subject to serve storms from June to October; occasional flooding; and periodic droughts. The environments current issues are water shortages, soil eroding into the sea damages coral reefs, and deforestation. Secondly, Dominican Republic’s ancient civilization. The records of Dominican history then tell us, in 1492, Christopher Columbus, and Italian navigator of Genoese birth, led his three ships on behalf of Ferdinand and Isabella of castile (Spain) across the Atlantic in search of the ‘the Indies’. First discovering the Bahamas and Cuba, they shortly afterwards found and landed on the island that they would name Hispaniola (from the Spanish: Ia Isla Espanola-“The Spanish Island”). Columbus describes the fertile island and beautiful paradise, with high, forested mountains and large river valleys. The new expedition of some 1,000 people bent on the acquisition of great wealth and determined to exploit the gold deposits in the Cibao River in the north, attempted to find a new coastal settlement named

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