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Mar Lindsay American Government Ms. Setzer April 21, 2012 3 Branches of Government The legislative branch was created to make laws. The US and NC legislative branches primary reason is to do this. In the house, NC legislative branch abides by the Article 2 of the constitution while the US uses Article 1.Both US and NC have to be 25 yrs of age to be a part of the branch. The people of the state votes for its legislative leader for both the US and NC legislative branch. You have to be a resident in district for 1yr in NC, while in the US legislative branch you have to be a resident for 7yrs. The amount of members determine on the population for both US and NC. The district elects the North Carolina legislative branch and the each state elects the US Legislative branch. Both the US and NC branches consist of the House and the Senate. Numbers changes after the census in NC, but number doesn’t change with US. House chooses Speaker in both US and NC. There are 120 House members in North Carolina, and 435 senate house members. Both have 2 yr terms. In the senate, the NC goes by article 2, while the US abides by Article 1. You have to be 25yr old for NC and 30 yrs old for US. The census does change after census in the NC. In the US, the census doesn’t change. The lieutenant governor is the president in the NC Legislative branch. The VP is the president in US. You can’t vote unless it’s tied for both NC and US Legislative branch. In the North Carolina legislative branch there’s 50 senates while in the 100 senates. In the executive branch is made to enforce the law. Both the North Carolina and United states goal is to enforce law. Comparing the two, both the president and the governor serve a 4yr term. In order to exceed the four year term, you would have to get reelected. The United States and North Carolina both have a two year terms. There are two years per

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