Of Goodly Parents Essay

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Of Goodly Parents How many hats can one woman fit on her head? For Cynthia McCurdy, the answer is irrelevant; she knows no end. As a wife, mother, faithful churchgoer, sales clerk at a local bookstore, volunteer, motivational speaker and more, Cynthia stays quite busy. It’s a wonder she even found the time to talk to me. Not only did she find the time, but also welcomed my husband and me into her home, fed us a delightfully moist roast with red potatoes and green beans, and invited us for a game night with her and her children. That is just how she is. Cynthia, a stylish woman in her 50’s with a petite body some women would kill for, has always welcomed others into her home as if it were their own. Her daughter, Sarah, says, “She is constantly giving of herself; to her, everyone else comes first.” “I was raised by parents that felt it was very, very important to serve one another,” Cynthia told me. A smile never falls from her face. We were sitting in the living room of the McCurdy home. She was sitting on her plush, pillow-covered couch with pictures of her beautiful family scattered all over the walls, the shelves, and the fireplace. She continued to talk about her childhood, and then the front door creaked. Coming in from outside was her youngest daughter, 9-year-old Abbie. Mother greeted daughter lovingly, and then she went on to share her experiences with her parents taking in children from an Indian reservation. From that experience, she says she learned to serve. I wondered just how much that has influenced her as an adult. She says those experiences taught her so much, but it was the news that she would not be able to have any more children that led her down the path of foster care. Between her many other accomplishments, Cynthia has taken in well over 200 foster children. “I just felt a need and a desire to help, so we applied [to the

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