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Susan Jackson Oedipus the King Theatre Appreciation January 30, 2012 Oedipus the King In Oedipus the King, two important matters emerge; one is that individuals have little authority over their own lives because destiny almost always catches up with them, and also that when someone is found to be liable, this also will in time catch up to them as well. The lives of the people in Oedipus the King are orchestrated by their gods of the day, and through this direction we are shown that everything they “choose” to do is pointless and results in no real personal successes for them but only in defeat. This idea is primarily revealed to us definitively by Oedipus. At the start of his life, Laius, his father who was then king, because of the oracles prophecy, plans to exterminate his son by leaving him on Mount Cithaeron to die. "...at the moment I was your savior." However, from the very beginning, Oedipus was predestined to carry out Apollo's foretelling of killing his father. Even though King Laius tries to take the life of Oedipus in order to stop the implementation of this reprehensible divination, a shepherd finds the newborn and saves Oedipus by giving him to another shepherd to care for. Oedipus ends up being raised by the childless king and queen of Corinth. What the gods prognosticate shall come to pass and not one soul can stop it, not even a king. Oedipus is yet again led by this influence when, upon questioning his parentage, he goes to see the Delphic god where he learns that he is to kill his father and marry his mother. Thinking that he is protecting his parents, Oedipus tries to stop the prophecy from coming true by leaving Corinth. Destiny leads Oedipus to turn down the road where he comes upon his true father Laius and his men who try push him off the road; and Oedipus, in his anger and

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