Oedipus the King

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Oedipus the King In Oedipus the King, Oedipus is a man of swift action and great insight; he shows that he has the capacity to behave rashly. He’s also a tragic hero who had it all such as power until he became victim of unfortunate events that was told by prophecy. As ruler, he utilizes pathos, empathy, and symbolism to further his reign as king. Oedipus uses pathos to appeal to emotions. He states, “A son of sin and sorrows.” This shows that he knows the mistakes he have committed during his life and reign as king. His decision-making resulted in him losing his family and doing wrong in Apollo’s design. He also states, “ A prince of evil.” This means that the moment he took throne he was brought down from a fatal flaw, his flaw was hubris, he thought that he could get away from fate and in the Greek and Roman tragedies and in their life they believed strongly in fate. He also utilizes empathy to make others feel what he feels. He states, “For whom I should be hanged.” This shows that e is unhappy of the truth and how sick it makes him feel. It tells the audience that he doesn’t have much to live for anymore and that he just wants to be gone where his voice can’t be heard. He also states, “My load is mine, don’t fear; no man could bear so much.” In other words, the immediate reaction he gives is that no one can go through the pain and suffering that he had to deal with and how much it can degrade yourself. Oedipus strongest use of rhetoric is symbolism that is to have significant meaning. He states. “You batch of weddings! Birthdays breeding seeding’s from their very seed.” This shows symbolism because it makes reference to their bed to where it all started and that he had kids with his mother in which he though who was his wife. Also, Oedipus's final assumption of the role of father came through the most extreme of measures: by taking his father's lover

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