Oedipus Rex Sophocles

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,Question: Oedipus Rex is primarily a text about the limitations of the human condition rather than the strength of the human spirit. Discuss. ‘Oedipus Rex’ is not only a mere dramatized folktale of the fifth century Greece but it divulges more than that. This text is a ‘tragedy of destiny’(Dodds 1966,p.1) where man’s inner strength is tested based upon the ability to seek the truth about the conditions of life and about their means to accept it by seeing themselves either as the agents of their own fate or by being victims of gods’ determinism. This text owns all its uniqueness from the way Sophocles perfectly but subtly dips into the condition of human nature. ‘Oedipus Rex’ is an amalgam of both the limitations of human condition where it is more easy for us readers to recognize ourselves through our own flaws which are chiefly psychological apprehensions, fear of the unknown, an over confident nature and an acute degree of invincibility; and also the strength of human spirit define through courage, and the ability to see beyond. The text portrays a man who seems to have the world at his feet whereby his main trump seems to be his intellectual prowess but even then he fails to perceive the impending doom that targets him. However the strength of human greatness also pervades the text through the intervention of the prophetic seer and Creon who represent human reason and the ability to see even if the sight is plagued by darkness. Sophocles has subliminally paints human with a high degree of fallibility but has also highlighted the aptitude of human spirit. As the play begins, we see that Oedipus is put on a pedestal line by his “suppliants”(p.1) as he delivered them from the “songstress”(p.2) curse. Indeed at the very start of the play we sense that there is a display of “human wit”(p.2), however as the play gradually unfolds we get to the conclusion that
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