Oedipus Rex Essay

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Well hello fellow viewers here you are with Valerie Ivanovich on Gossip 101. Today we will talk about the city of Thebes and the big mess their King Oedipus has made, MY GOD! Will Thebes get right on track or will Oedipus let them down? Stay tuned. Oedipus Rex is the king of Thebes, son of Polybus of Corinth and Merope of the line of Dorus, he was named king after saving the city from the sphinx of riddle . The city right now suffers from infertility on women and Mother Nature, the women cannot have babies and the crops do not grow, it seems the city has been adulterated. The citizens of Thebes are asking for Oedipus to save them from the plague once again. Oedipus feels their pain and has compassion for his dear people. As a result he sends his brother in law Creon to Apollo’s Home in Pytho so Apollo may tell him what he should do to save the city. Creon arrives with the news, and Oedipus is asked to find the murderer of the formal king, Laius and exile the killer from Thebes and get justice. The citizens are scared and ask the gods for help in specific, Dionysus the goddess of wine and fertility. Oedipus accepts and reiterates that he will find the murderer if it’s the last thing he does and for help he sends someone to look for Tiresias. Tiresias knows the real truth and the nasty one. Tiresias does not want to tell the truth because Oedipus is no going to like but because of his actions Oedipus is accusing him of either killing the king or being an ally. Tiresias tells the truth, that Oedipus slew the man whose slayer he seeks and it turns out Lauis is his father and Jocasta, his wife, is his mother. This is the prophecy in which he tried to avoid; you will kill your father and sleep with your mother, all this years running from his adopted parents thinking the prophecy will be realized with them. But he has been mistaken. The citizens are just

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