King Oedipus' Fate in 'Oedipus Rex'

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Kris Zelensky Sep 6, 2011 Hon World Lit Paper Can you escape fate? Can those who have been extremely successful in life landing on top escape failure? In “Oedipus Rex” Sophocles wrote about King Oedipus’ adverse fate. A prophet told King Laius he would be murdered by his own son. So Laius gave his son to a servant to leave him abandoned to die. His parents had tried to escape their own fate. Oedipus makes his way through life with his adopted parents. One thing he didn’t know was his own fate. Oedipus becomes a great leader in life, a king over his kingdom and is very successful and gains power, but still cannot escape his fate. Oedipus achieved greatness throughout his life. “The toll we paid, of a hard sorceress.” One of his first great acts was solving the riddle of the Sphinx. No one had ever been smart enough to defeat the Sphinx. Oedipus’ knowledge had helped him solve the riddle and made him famous, which led the way for his future. “Who did arise and stand betwixt death and our land.” Once Oedipus had solved the riddle he had been made King. His power grew as he rose to the occasion when his country was faced with struggles and he solved them. Oedipus’ country was weak and looking for a strong leader for guidance. “Who, shooting far beyond the rest, won wealth all-blest, slaying Zeus, thy monster maid.” In the beginning years of his life Oedipus had many great accomplishments leading up to him becoming king such as solving the sphinx riddle and solving the town’s problems. He was a man of great fame and was renown by all the people. Oedipus might have thought he could escape his fate but he was sadly mistaken. “For pity, O my master thinking he would carry it away to other soil.” Oedipus had heard about his prophecy from a fortune teller and attempted to flee to another country. Even though he had moved away he still met his father later in

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