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Oedipus Rex Essay

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  • on October 22, 2011
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Oedipus Rex Unit Test
Multiple Choice: Choose the letter of the best answer.

Prologue and Parodos:

1. What has been happening in Thebes that brings all members of the community to Oedipus’s
    palace for answers?
      A. A terrible beast, a Sphinx, has been terrifying the city.
      B. A raging volcano has sent rivers of lava through the streets.
      C. A plague has descended upon the entire city; death and decay is everywhere.
      D. Gigantic swarms of locusts have descended upon the city.

2. What do the people of Thebes want Oedipus to do for them?
      A. They blame him for the problems and want him to leave town.
      B. They want him to rid Thebes of the problems and restore the city.
      C. They want him to make a sacrifice to Zeus to appease the gods.
      D. They want him to offer his youngest daughter to the fiery volcano.

3. Who is Creon?
      A. He is Oedipus’s brother and second in command in Thebes.
      B. He is Oedipus’s eldest son.
      C. He is Jocasta’s, Oedipus’s wife’s brother.
      D. He is a priest at the temple of Delphi.

4. Who does Oedipus send to Delphi to learn how to save Thebes?
      A. Jocasta
      B. Creon
      C. Laius
      D. Antigone

5. What suggestion does Creon make when Oedipus asks about the message from the god,
      A. Creon suggests that they make a sacrifice to Apollo as soon as possible.
      B. Creon suggests that Oedipus himself make a pilgrimage to Delphi.
      C. Creon suggests that they create stone levis to keep the lava out of the streets.
      D. Creon suggests that they talk privately somewhere about the god’s message.

6. Who is Laius?
      A. He is Oedipus’s eldest son.
      B. He is Creon’s brother.
      C. He is Jocasta’s first husband.
      D. He is a prophet.

7. No one attempted to find out the truth about what had happened to Laius because:...

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