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Oedipus Complex in Long Day's Journey Into Night Essay

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  • on July 16, 2012
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Chapter no 02
Theoretical background:

      American society in its adverse state:

    • There is no denial of the fact that United States of America is the world’s strongest nation economically and technologically. Meanwhile, this well recognized nation is facing today severe social and psychological tribulations like estrangement, violent behavior, homelessness, hostility etc.
    • The great philosopher Aristotle said,” to love someone is to wish good to someone” but the contemporary culture tends to think of “love” as a way to find personal fulfillment of life.
    • It is universally acknowledged that a family is one of the strong socializing agencies of our life. If it teaches us to control rash-violent behavior and to respect the rights of the others, conversely it can also be the family which can make a child aggressive, antisocial or violent (Wright and Wright). The psychologist Carl Jung noted that the children tend to live out their unconscious conflicts of their parents.
    • According to Wright and Wright (1994), the family is the foundation of human society. Children who are rejected by the parents, who grow up in the homes with certain considerable conflicts, or who are poorly supervised by their parents are at the greatest risk of becoming delinquent.
    • Immarigeon says that if anything would play a large part in delinquency, it would be family.
    • So it is obvious that parents are the main pillars of the family structure but if base is week, it can easily be victimized by the outside factors of the society. For the child upbringing, both of the parents play significant role specially the father to develop the individual identity of the child. He helps the children by providing them with the confidence to control their impulses to keep themselves separate from mother and at the same time teaches them about the laws and rules and structure of the society.   By the other side, it is the father who control the over emotionalizing feelings of...

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