Oedipus Essay

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ESSAY PLAN INTRODUCTION PARAGRAPH 1 THESIS: The character of Oedipus is defined, first of all, by what he says About himself, his personality (his generosity, his lucidity), but it is The words of other characters which will reveal in the play, the Terrible declaration by Teresias first of all, then all the information On brought forward in the play. DEVELOPMENT: Discussion points to support the Thesis. PARAGRAPH 2  Oedipus the protagonist.  Meaning of the name Oedipus. PARAGRAPH 3 Oedipus’  Intelligence.  Kindness.  Caring.  Determination and persistence to find the truth. PARAGRAPH 4  Oedipus as king. PARAGRAPH 5  Oedipus determined, self- assuring and persistent. PARAGRAPH 6 What other people say about Oedipus  Creon sees Oedipus as being unjust.  Teiresias sees Oedipus as being ignorant who has eyes but cannot see. PARAGRAPH 7  Teiresias’ great declaration of Oedipus; 1. Murderer. 2. Who his parents are. 3. Oedipus’ future. CONCLUSION Summary of what has been discussed in the essay. REFERENCES Oedipus, the title character, is the protagonist of the play. His name means “swell-foot” or “swollen-foot”. Aristotle in his poetics singled him out as being the right kind of protagonist because he inspires the right combination of pity and fear. “This is the sort of man who is not pre-eminentus virtuous and just and yet it is through no badness or villainy of his own that he falls into the misfortune but rather through some flaw in him. This paper seeks to comment and discuss the character of Oedipus by what he say about himself and by the words of other characters which reveal him in the play. Oedipus has many
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